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Fostering Saves Lives

We truly appreciate your interest in fostering one of our landfill dogs for Rescuers Without Borders! With the help of you opening your home to our foster, you are saving more lives and providing our dogs with the love and home life they deserve!


Once you have completed the foster application, one of our foster coordinators will get in touch with you to discuss the dogs we currently need fosters homes for. During this conversation we will learn what type of dog (age, breed, size, etc.) would work best in your home, as well as ensure that our dogs go to the correct home.


Our foster homes are asked to provide love and care for our dogs, as well as transportation to any veterinary appointment when needed, and transportation to any adoption events if we have one scheduled for your area. General care we ask you to provide our fosters includes, feeding them according to the diet they need, exercise them with walks and outdoor time, lots of love and play time, assistance with training if needed and of course positive socialization with other animals.


Fostering is an extremely rewarding experience and by you participating in our foster program, you are saving a life and giving a dog the 2nd chance they desperately need!


Some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about fostering are found below.


What do foster families have to provide?

  • First and foremost, you provide a safe and healthy environment for the dog

  • Transportation to and from Vet apt or adoption events (if needed)

  • Positive socialization with other animals and people to teach the dog what a good relationship is between humans and other pets.

  • Exercise that is appropriate for the dog’s health.


What does the rescue provide?

  • Supplies such as toys, puppy pads and food (unless you want to feed them something different)

  • Veterinary care for the time the dog is in your home as a foster

  • Training tips and support to help you with anything you need along your fostering journey


How long will the dog be in foster care at your home

  • A foster dog stays in their assigned foster home until they are adopted. We do not have a full boarding facility for our rescue, so foster dogs rely on their foster homes to be safe.


Can my foster dogs be with my personal pets?

  • Of course we do want your personal pets to be able to play with our fosters, but we do have a few guidelines regarding this. We ask our foster homes to ensure that your own personal pets are up to date on all vaccinations. Rescue dogs are often susceptible to carry or catch different diseases. So for this reason we want to ensure that not only our dogs are fully vaccinated and safe, but that your own personal dogs are as well.


What if I fall in love and want to adopt my foster?


  • If you decide that you want to give your foster a forever home, then you will need to complete the adoption paperwork and follow the full adoption process and rescue contribution fees. Because our dogs are posted for adoption almost immediately, we do ask that you contact one of our foster coordinators as soon as possible, as we cannot hold her/him for for anyone. This will allow us to remove the dog from our website and assist us with focusing on another foster dog.


What if I’m fostering but make plans to go out of town?


  • We do understand that things come up in life or that plans are made ahead of time. We do ask that you give us a one week notice that you will be going out of town so one of our foster coordinators can contact a boarding facility in your area to house our dog until you return. However, if your trip does fall within a holiday, we need a 2 week notice due to difficulty of finding open boarding during the holiday season.  

  • You cannot leave one of our dogs with anyone that is not authorized to care for our dogs. This includes a person or a pet sitter. All individuals that care for our dogs need to go through a process to ensure our dogs safety.


What if my home is not working for my foster?


  • We do understand that sometimes things do not work. You will not be required to continue to foster our dog if you feel it is not working out. We do ask that you give us a bit of time to move our dog, as we may not have an immediate alternate foster home open. As stated above, we do not have our own boarding facility so we rely on our foster homes. We will work as fast as we can in order to move the dog. Please contact one of our foster coordinators immediately if such a situation arises.