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​About RWB

Rescuers Without Borders (RWB) was created in early 2017 by animal rescuers who saw a need to help animals not just in our own country but other countries. Our initial goal was to bring awareness and help 850 dogs living in a landfill in Corum Turkey. At the beginning of this process we networked not only dogs here in the United States, but the dogs in Corum as well. We provide networking through pictures on social media to show the dogs in need in other countries. Additionally, we provide funding to feed, transport, board and vet them to all CDC requirements in order to bring the dogs from Corum into the United States to place them in loving homes. This is a long process that requires a strict attention to detail and communication with those on the ground in Turkey and the Vet and boarding facility there.

All the dogs that we work on in Corum are dogs that are essentially out of time. They do not have a food, shelter, water or access to medical treatment. They do not have the laws governing their protection nor do they have the Animal Rescuers, or Rescuers that we have her in the United States. Through fundraising activities such as bake sales, attending shows to spread awareness, online donations, t-shirt campaigns and sponsorship; we are able to provide these dogs with the life saving measures that are needed. At the end of each day, we are the dogs last hope at survival. 

Here at RWB we believe that our reach of help and our voice of help has no limitations. In fact, we believe and encourage the opposite; that anyone can help because our reach is limitless. We strive to make a difference in the lives of animals not just here in the United States, but the world. We feel it is our duty to speak for those who have no voice and to nurture, care and provided them with the homes they deserve. Our mission is ongoing and although it is a big mission, we know that with the help we can provide them that we will make a difference. 

Rescuers Without Borders, Inc is a Non Profit 501(c)(3) organizations. All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Please use your paypal receipt as proof of donation. Send all requests to Rescuerswithoutborders@outlook.com if you desire to have a year end tax receipt. 

Dogs of the week


​Hi I'm Jack! I'm a super sweet and loving guy. I sure would love to have a forever home! If you want more information on me, please email Rescuerswithoutborders@outlook.com 


Hello, my name Diane. I'm a small girl with a lot of passion and I'm in search of what they call a forever home! If you would like more information about me, please email Rescuerswithoutborders@outlook.com 

Adoptable Dogs

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We always have an online auction/raffle page that you can bid on items to help raise money for the dogs!